Kylie at 3 months

Kylie at 3 months

Monday, January 31, 2011

Hello Again

Hello all, if anyone is still reading. 

I have missed giving my updates of our sweet little Kylie.  She was such an amazing part of our lives and now that she is gone, life is a little lonlier right now.  John and I are doing fine (as well as the dogs and chickens), we just miss our little girl so much.  Since Kylie's passing, we just fill our days with honey do lists, work, eating, and visiting Kylie's grave.  She has a really sweet place at the cemetery (not too far in the sun, she really didn't like the sun too much) and it is very peaceful there.  Kylie has a pet squirrel that visits often. 

I also wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your support through this painful time.  You all held us up in prayer and gave us strength and love and I cannot thank you enough for that.  The cards, gifts, and donations in Kylie's name have been so sweet and heartfelt and thanks does not seem to be enough.  I am still amazed that such a sweet damaged little girl touched so many lives and taught so many how to love a little better, appreciate life a little more, finding strength in relying on god, and teaching me there is always room for hope and to never give up. 

What a sweet memory and love we have in Kylie.

Love and talk soon,


  1. So glad to see you here. I have been checking often hoping you would stop by-I think of you & Kylie often. Glad to hear Kylie has a little furry friend :P


  2. Stacy,

    I "met" you and Kylie on Fertility Friend--I live in Huntington Beach too. I check this page occasionally, so it was only today that I learned that Kylie had been called to be one of God's warrior angels. My own little boy went to heaven after 3 months (January 28, 2007), and four years later I can tell you that you will survive grief camp. I still walk around with a hole in my heart, but I can imagine my Sawyer, who fought so hard in life, up there raising a ruckus and watching over all of us now.

    Kylie is so beautiful. I'm sorry for your loss. I hope you feel God's arms around you to give you peace and comfort.

  3. Stacy,

    I'm so glad you updated. I continue to think of you guys and pray for strength for you and healing of your hearts.

    Cathy (noah600 from your October FF group)

  4. I am so glad that you updated...I have been checking often....I pray for you and your family...may god bring peace into your lives...


  5. I'm glad you updated. I have been praying for you and your family. I am a Sept 09 mom from FF but visited the Pumpkin Patch often. It is so hard to carry on but Kylie is looking down on you guys from heaven.

  6. Thanks for the update. I have been wondering how you were doing.

  7. Stacy,
    I just noticed you are here local in Hunt. Bch. I am so sorry we did not connect when you were needing some support in the early days with Kylie.. If you would ever like to meet up.. just let me know.. Hugs
    ThereseAnn, mom to Natalia (full t13- 11 yrs)