Kylie at 3 months

Kylie at 3 months

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kylie's Photoshoot with Carolyn

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Today is Kylie Rose's 10-week birthday! She is getting so big. Kylie is almost 5 pounds (4 pounds 14 ounces) and measures 18 inches. She is our little inch worm. She is also drinking an ounce of breast milk every 3 hours, and it seems to taste good to her (especially when we practice with a bottle and not with the tube feeding). Kylie still gets fed by a tube, but we hope that she will learn to bottle feed soon.

John and I are really happy when she sleeps at night (the 3 hour intervals that we do get between feedings), but Kylie does wake up sucking on her tube when she is hungry right before her feedings. Since Kylie is such a big girl now, she really does not like being swaddled and keeping her warm in this cold weather at night is a challenge. She likes to have her hands free and escapes the blankets when we are not looking.

John and I are back to work and both grandmas (Grandma Nancy and Granny Carolyn) are watching Kylie during the day. Kylie loves the fun and being able to play all day. John and I like this because it helps Kylie sleep at night so much better. Having both grandmas looking after Kylie makes it so much easier going back to work. John and I still worry about her, but she is in loving hands.

We look forward to decorating for Kylie's first Christmas, and we will soon be decorating the Christmas tree this weekend. Kylie loves to look at lights so I am sure she will find it fun and beautiful to look at.